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Tag: wood

Redux Pentagonal Shelving system _ 5 cells Alix Welter

BASIC KIT 5 CELLS NO SCREW — NO GLUE — MORE JOINERY This modular shelving system is based on a study of an infinite grid. In this model, the basic shape is an irregular pentagon. The system consists of a few parts. Parts are assembled without hardware nor glue. With the basic parts, the user [...]

REDUX smooth serie ovale orange table

Dimensions : ø 120 (include) x H 74 cm. Materials : birch plywood coated with a coloured translucent film, natural or colored edges (oiled, yellow, white, orange, blue, green). Manufacturing process :CNC Milling. Assembly :By User! Price : on request Photo Credits : Némo Welter

Redux Rough Chairs & Table

Redux Raw Serie TABLE, CHAIRS 3 and 4 legs Materials : Elliotis plywood, steel nails. Manufacturing process : handcraft. Price : on request. Photo Credits : Némo Welter


Dimensions : L 140 x 45 x H 90 cm. Materials : laminated hardboard wood (6mm), stainless steel, acrylic colours (blue or orange). Manufacturing process : handcraft. Photo Credits : Némo Welter

Spring Prototype 1

Idea: This lounge chair is a search for comfort, simplicity and economy of means. I used the hardboard panel in order to give nobility to a poor material. It has two variable positions. This loungechair was laureate of the «bois et habitat» design contest. Dimensions : L 140 x 45 x H 90 cm. Materials [...]